duncan campbell

Photograph by Matt Valentine

Duncan D. Campbell’s poems have appeared in recently in Connotation Press, The Crab Creek Review, Dukool, El Aleph Anthology, Ghost Ocean, and Transom.  He co-edits poetry for the print journal Paper Nautilus. His chapbook Joysong Demarcation is forthcoming from Tree Light Books, and another chapbook, Farmstead, Fire, Field, is available from ELJ Publications. He lives in Vermont.


Praise for Joysong demarcation

Joysong Demarcation is unabashed in its exploration of the confluence of sorrow, monotony, and delight. Campbell moves us through naked races, magical abscesses, school shootings, a human womb, a re-imagining of the origins of the piano, and the ebb and flow of intimacy—a constellation of the ordinary and surprising that comprise our lives. The simultaneous presentation of these poems is like "finding / an undiscovered color shifting into the kaleidoscope," or unveiling a new emotional sensation: solemnly ecstatic, reverently absurd, all the feelings you wish you knew how to describe. "And it’s true...that without memory pain could not exist," but neither could the luminous, jubilant moments—through hard-wrought confrontation and reflection—that echo through this necessary collection.

Duncan Campbell’s poems enter the air so winningly, seemingly without effort, rising on a warm updraft to get the wider glimpse we all crave. Their music is humane and comforting, a steadiness in the face of inevitable sorrows, insistence on the pleasures of living in a body.  I love how they often start in familiar sensations and just as frequently end in enigma—the mystery they’ve been chasing finally theirs, if only for a moment. The real touched by the real.
—David Rivard, author of TORQUE and STANDOFF


Online Publications

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