Now Available: child in a winter house brightening

Introducing Abigail Zimmer's child in a winter house brightening:

The chapbook, which shattered our previous pre-order record, is a hybrid long poem that re-imagines the story of the ugly duckling. Susanna Childress calls it "lyrically deft," and m. forajter says it is "gorgeous & necessary."

Speaking of gorgeous, Jennifer Burak & Dan Spielman of Zerobird Studio Chicago (along with some minor assistance and moral support from cover artist Jess McIntosh and author Abigail Zimmer) worked diligently to make the stunning screen-print covers seen above and below. Huge thanks to Jennifer & Dan for printing one of our favorite covers to date!

You can read more praise for child in a winter house brightening here, grab your very own copy here, add it to your Goodreads shelf here, and explore more work from our cover artist, Jess McIntosh here.